GoPro Grab bag (Replacement Parts) tvirtinimų komplektas Expand

GoPro Grab bag (Replacement Parts) tvirtinimų komplektas

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GoPro Grab bag mounting kit for HERO4, HERO3+,HERO3, HD HERO2, HD HERO cameras

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Additional mounting kit designed for those with GoPro camera.
If you want to extend your camera supports opportunities Helmet HERO, Motorsports HERO, Surf HERO cameras covering these kit is for you. The kit includes 1 flat adhesive buckles, 1 curved adhesive buckles, elbow, stainless steel metal parts, 1 quick-release clip, 1 silicone pin (additional safety against opening and vibration during a possible wobble), 1 extra safety strap and 1 vertical, quick release J-hook clip anchoring vertical camera - car bumper walls, the rear part of the helmet or the like.


1 Flat, 3M ™ Adhesive buckle
1 Curved, 3M ™ Adhesive buckle
One horizontal surface of the quick release clip
One vertical surface of quick release J-hook pin
1 overprinted with a nut
1 Elbow
1 Vibration damping silicone pins
1 Safety strap

Warranty 1 year

Made in:

 Nuts and bolts from:

 stainless steel
 Self-adhesive buckles:

 with 3M ™ VHB double-sided adhesive tape

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