SP-GADGETS Velcro Mount Tvirtinimas Išskleisti

SP-GADGETS Velcro Mount Tvirtinimas

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When your handle or other bar is too wide or uneven for your regular mount, you need something more flexible: that’s the SP-Gadgets Velcro Mount. Easily attach it to any handlebar, other bar, or maybe branch with a diameter between 20 and 90 mm, and you’re set. Or attach it to your wrist and shoot crazy and super-powerful POV footage. Let your imagination run wild – the sky is the limit!


  • Toolless fastening & adjusting
  • Rotate 360°/45° increments
  • For diameters from 20-90mm
  • GoPro® mounting system


  • Velcro Mount
  • 2 Velcro straps
  • GoPro® camera, POV Light and Smartphone not included

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